Walk-In Tubs For Home Physical Therapy

Are you or someone you know in need of physical therapy at home? You might want to consider one of the most therapeutic solutions right in your own home—a hot bath. Yes, a form of hydrotherapy, a hot bath does wonders for many different ailments.

Not only does it help improve circulation and reduce inflammation and pain, but it’s also good for your skin when you add things like bath salts.

However, for many people, there is just one big obstacle to enjoying a nice hot bath—the bathtub itself.

You see, some people struggle with mobility issues or medical conditions such as edema, arthritis, Parkinson’s, and more. These conditions make getting in and out of a traditional bathtub impossible.

There is a solution for this common problem and it lies within a bathtub that is designed completely different from the traditional tubs we’re used to.

Walk-in tubs are vertically oriented vs. horizontal and you sit upright in the tub, never having to lie down. How does this work for a bath?

What Is A Walk-In Tub?

An EZ Step walk-in tub is a specialized bathtub that is vertically oriented and rather than your typical concave design, it has a watertight door. This door allows you to fill up the tub while you remain comfortably seated in an upright position like a chair.

The difference is, instead of having to lift your leg over a 2-foot high threshold like most tubs, you only step over a two-inch threshold! Furthermore, the seat has jets built into the walls, and the seat, in strategic areas where common pain and pressure points are located. Because walk-in tubs are much deeper than standard tubs, it allows you to be fully immersed, offering a bit of buoyancy to relieve pressure.

The doors are easy to open and close despite being leakproof, they can either be designed to open inward or outward. It is completely up to your own personal preference.

In addition to being a safe bathing option for people with mobility issues or disabilities, EZ Step walk-in tubs can also offer many benefits to your health. As we briefly touched on, studies have shown these tubs can play a major role in reducing pain associated with arthritis, fibromyalgia, and other conditions. By promoting relaxation and improving circulation, these tubs can be a critical component in your physical therapy and recovery.

How Do EZ Step Walk-In Tubs Help With Physical Therapy?

Our walk-in tubs are an ideal option for people who have undergone procedures such as knee or back surgery or are dealing with mobility issues. The therapeutic features we offer, cater to the specific needs of people undergoing physical therapy or rehab. For example, the built-in seat and grab bars can provide support until strength is built back up. They ensure that you are safe when entering and exiting the tub despite any issues with balance and mobility.

The warm water in a hot bath helps improve blood circulation. When blood is distributed to the muscles more often, it reduces inflammation and muscle stiffness. Our clients with arthritis or other similar conditions love our tubs and use them religiously simply for pain relief.

The deep water immersion surrounds your body with heat that stimulates receptors in your skin which releases dopamines, causing relaxation. With regular use of our walk-in tubs, you can enjoy reduced stress levels and better sleep.

They Are Safer Than Traditional Tubs

Safety is a primary concern for people with mobility issues including balance problems, leg strength, drop foot, and other medical issues. EZ Step walk-in tubs are designed with safety at the forefront of the tub design. With features that ensure maximum benefit without the risk of injury—it truly should be considered a medical necessity.

One of the key safety features of our walk-in tubs is the low, 2-inch threshold entryway. Compared to other walk-in tubs with a threshold of over 4 inches on average, that’s a huge advantage. When you compare that to traditional tubs the difference becomes even more glaring.

Most traditional tubs are not designed with an easy entry in mind for mobility-challenged people. Your options are to suffer possible injury with a tub, or miss out on baths and use a walk-in or roll-in shower.

With our walk-in tubs, we bring back the benefits of hydrotherapy into the fold of a well-rounded physical therapy regimen.

Another important safety feature we incorporate is anti-slip surfaces on both the floor and the seat of the tub. This prevents slips and falls, which can be considerably more dangerous for seniors or those with mobility issues.

When you couple the anti-slip features with our stability bars that users can grab onto for support—it makes it one of the safest tubs available.

Last, but not least—everything you need is within arm’s reach. Water controls, optional hand-held showerhead, grab bars—EVERYTHING.

Why is this important to consider? Simply put, if you have mobility issues—moving around is difficult and possibly dangerous. When you enter our tubs and sit down, you don’t have to keep standing or turning around to access what you need.

Choosing The Right Tub Design For Your Needs

When choosing a walk-in tub for physical therapy, it’s important to consider several factors to ensure you get the best one for your needs.

One of the most important factors is tub size. You need to choose a walk-in tub that you fit in comfortably. However, you also have to consider the amount of space needed to install the tub in your bathroom. Unfortunately, even though most of our models will fit just fine in existing bathrooms, some may not. You’ll want a walk-in tub that can comfortably fit you and any equipment or aids you may need during therapy without a major remodel of your bathroom.

Another factor to consider is safety features. Ideally, you want to choose a model with anti-slip surfaces and the stability bars we talked about. But you also want protection against accidental burns from scalding water, anti-scald technology is a must. Your situation may vary but these common safety features will help prevent accidents and put your mind at ease.

Water depth is also an important consideration. You want a tub that allows you to submerge yourself up to your shoulders without feeling unsafe or with any overflow.

For elderly patients or those with cognitive issues, simple controls might be another feature you want to look for. Many models have arthritis-friendly fixtures that allow easy operation with little force.

EZ Step Walk-In Tubs: Your At Home Physical Therapy Solution

When searching for the right tub for you or your loved one with mobility issues, the choice is clear. EZ Step offers the safest, most comfortable models in the industry. A low 2-inch threshold and a host of therapeutic options make our tubs the standard in the industry.

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